Today I’m writing this post as an appreciation for the UKAWP – the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (I have been a member of the UKAWP for the past four years.) This month they have rebranded and have a beautiful new website and I thought that I would share with you why they are utterly brilliant. Also, If you are looking for a wedding planner – I have outlined a few of the main benefits of hiring a member of the UKAWP.

What are the main things I appreciate about being a member of the UKAWP?

Knowledgeable – Sandy and Bernadette are two of the original founders and head up The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners.  They have been in the wedding industry for many years now and we are grateful they continue to share some of their vast wedding industry knowledge. As members we are party to a great resource in these two lovely ladies.

Supportive and Helpful – the UKAWP is a great network of fellow professional wedding planners and suppliers who are there to support each other and offer advice. We often use each other as sounding boards, discuss ideas and even ask other members to help at weddings sometimes if we need an extra pair of hands, we know that we will be bringing in trusted and reliable professionals.

Networking opportunities – By meeting each other, whether it’s grabbing a coffee or meeting at a UKAWP workshop or event, it is good to share thoughts and ideas with fellow members, keep abreast of changes and our minds fresh on what is currently happening in the wedding market

Community – By the nature of the business we are predominantly smaller companies and by far the biggest benefit of being part of the UKAWP is being part of something larger. Being a member of the UKAWP is like being employed by an organisation who is well known and respected for its professionalism and consistently high standards.

So what does hiring a UKAWP member mean to you as a client?

Each UKAWP member will have done a training course and/or have recognised qualifications and experience in wedding planning.

Each member will hold current Public Liability Insurance.

The Black Sheep Wedding Company has recently been promoted to member level one which means we have, amongst other measures, supplied glowing references from clients and suppliers we have worked with and been trading for a specified length of time. As a client you can be assured that by hiring us, as a member of the UKAWP, you will receive competent and trusted wedding planning assistance.

We are professionals in our industry and follow a UKAWP code of business practice so you can be confident you are getting the best possible wedding planning service and the assurance we are acting with honesty and integrity.

If you are planning a wedding and need some professional help then please contact us. We promise you a wedding that stands out like no other.



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