Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

1) Consider the size of the engagement ring carefully.  A carat diamond sounds great but if your partner is petite then a carat may look too large.  Visit a retailer and ask to see the different sizes and compare these before you decide. A typical engagement ring is between .5 and a carat.

2) If you are choosing diamonds then it is worth getting to know about them before you buy. We would recommend going for the best cut, colour and clarity you can afford over the size.

3) There are no rules, if you know she would love a vintage pre-loved ring then this is ok, it does not need to be a traditional engagement ring either!

4) If you are buying the ring for your partner, do not buy to your tastes, consider your partner carefully – look at the jewellery they already own to get an idea of their style.  Do they like simple jewellery or something more ostentatious?

5) Consider the stone carefully.  Some stones whilst very beautiful , will not be suitable for wearing every day.  Stones such as rubies and sapphires will wear well but emeralds tend to be more brittle making them unsuitable for everyday wear.

Sapphire and Diamond Engagement RingRuby and Diamond Engagement Ring

6) There is nothing wrong with letting your future partner choose the ring after you have proposed.  It is now more likely than ever that this happens rather than someone choosing for you.  We know many brides who have been proposed to using beer ring-pulls and plastic children’s rings before her partner purchases the real thing!

7) Spend what you want and what you can afford, you may have heard you need to spend one month or two months salary, but this is marketing fluff. There are no rules and there is a wedding you need to pay for…

8) Check stores are accredited and make sure you obtain the proper certificates and guarantees; you will need these to insure the ring.

9) So where do you go to get the ring? If you can travel to London then we definitely recommend a trip to Hatton Garden, which has the ‘largest and most concentrated cluster of jewellery retailers in the UK.’  There are companies based in Hatton Garden that sell to other  retailers so you will definitely find a wide range of  good quality engagement rings at very competitive prices.  For the utmost in customer service we recommend a high-end jewellery retailer like Cartier and, no engagement ring search would be complete without a trip to Tiffany & Co, if only for inspiration.  Tiffany & Co also have a clever app we like, called an ‘engagement ring finder’ which is very useful and allows you to picture the engagement ring on a hand as well as helping you with sizes.  We also like some of the smaller boutique jewellery retailers which you may find live locally to you – here you are likely to get a great personal service and these places are ideal if you are looking for something custom designed.

Classic Solitaire

10) If you are currently living as an expat overseas or visiting from another country and you buy your ring in the EU you can currently claim back the VAT on your purchases made here, meaning you could save 20% on the price of your engagement ring! See the HMRC website for further details

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