OK, so you’ve spent hours and days planning and preparing for the most incredible day of your life and it’s raining, blowing a gale or decided to have a heat wave. Thank you very much global warming…

This is the unpredictability of the British weather I’m afraid and just so you don’t look outside and stress over this for a moment longer, we are going to share with you below our top tips so you can ensure your wedding day is the best it can possibly be, whatever the weather.

Rain and wind believe it or not, can add more atmosphere to your day, make it even more memorable for you and your guests and you will discover it can help in producing the most fantastic photographs.  We have attended weddings where the bride’s veil is blowing 90 degrees sideways in the wind and rain and it was probably the best photo of the day!

Sun on the other hand, whilst it is fabulous to have a beautiful blue sky and sun beating down on your day it can also make the conditions unbearable for you and your guests if you have not planned for it properly.

1)      Make umbrellas available to wedding party and guests

With the unpredictability of the British weather and even if only a chance of rain, it makes sense to prepare a number of umbrellas for sheltering the wedding party and guests from the elements.  We usually like to allocate this role to the ushers and make sure the most important people i.e. bride, groom, parents, bridesmaids and elderly relatives are looked after first.  Either borrow umbrellas from family and friends or alternatively, there are some wonderful umbrella designs available to both hire and buy which you can then theme in with your wedding.


 2)      Keep warm in the church

Churches can be particularly cold at certain times of the year so it’s a good idea if you can arrange to have a few baskets of blankets for guests to wrap around themselves if they get cold.


3)      Provide drinks in hot weather

In hot weather or with longer ceremonies consider providing water for the wedding party and guests prior to the wedding ceremony, especially if you are planning on arriving fashionably late!

We have also found that just after the ceremony on a hot day when your ceremony is in a different location to the reception, that guests really appreciate a soft drink whilst waiting around for photographs or transport to arrive.


4)      Shade for wedding guests

Shade and plenty of water are essential on a hot day. If the ceremony is outside then ensure hats, sun cream and parasols are available.  Parasols in your wedding colours can look fantastic in wedding photographs.

  Green Wedding Shoes

5)      Arrange shelter for outside

It seems obvious and you are most likely to consider this your guests, but don’t forget about caring for those providing your entertainment.  Choirs, singers, and bands can rightly refuse to play in hot, windy or rainy weather since it could not only harm them but also their equipment.  You will often find a clause in the small print of their contract to protect them for playing in unfavourable conditions.  A shelter/s for the drinks reception and the entertainment is essential if you are planning on having some of the day outside and if there is not an alternative option inside.

6)      Be prepared for muddy gardens and fields

If you are having a tent or marquee outside or need to navigate a path across a lawn, ensure you have a stash of umbrellas and wellington boots available for guests visiting the washrooms.  We find these work well if they are placed in a big basket or crate in the entrance to the reception venue/marquee/tent.  It doesn’t really matter if the wellies are too big, we usually suggest a few pairs each in different sizes will suffice and friends will probably help you out in providing these.


7)      Have a wind proof table plan, place names and menus

Think about your table plan, place names and menu’s and if there is a chance these could blow away then you may want to look at alternative ways of managing these.  There are numerous options for ensuring these don’t take off such as placing names and menu’s in frames, pinning names on fruit, using a weight of some kind or writing on heavier materials such as pebbles or cutlery. You have many options and can design these so they fit in with your colour scheme or theme of your day.

 Spoons from Hammermann on Etsy

8)      Ensure you have a plan for cooling and heating

In any venue or marquee this is essential.  Many venues will insist on closing windows during a band or evening entertainment so make sure there are plans for air conditioning should the room start to become too hot. Likewise check the heating options, especially with a marquee as the evenings can sometimes turn unexpectedly chilly especially in late spring and early autumn.

9)      Tie things down!

Additional guy ropes for any free standing structure are important and the marquee/tent company will normally advise you on what steps you need to take for reinforcement in the case of unexpected high winds and/or rain.  In addition to this, check that you and your venue are insured for public liability should the unexpected happen and something blows over which then hurts somebody.

10)   Ensure you have back up beauty supplies

We have found that especially in the case of hot or wet and windy weather the bride will want to check her hair and make up more often.  Place your make up, hairbrush, blotting papers in a mother’s or friend’s bag so you can call on them when you need them.

11)   Hot and cold drinks

Hot drinks in winter are especially appreciated by elderly guests.  You may want to check with the venue that there is an option of a hot coffee or tea for them on arrival at the reception venue or make alternative arrangements for this.  For winter weddings a great option is mulled wine or a spicy apple drink to warm up the rest of your guests.

Reserve fridge space and arrange to have plenty of ice for cooling drinks as there is nothing worse than a hot glass of champagne or warm beer in any weather and since you have spent  hard earned cash on drinks for your wedding you will want to ensure they are enjoyed at their best.

12)   If fog is expected

Consider arranging transport home for your guests from a reputable local taxi/minibus/coach hire firm.  They will know the roads better than your wedding guests, especially if your guests have travelled from other areas.  If your ceremony is later in the day then you may wish to arrange a convoy from the church to the reception venue.

Finally, relax on your wedding day – enjoy it and if you can plan for the great British weather in advance it will save you worrying unnecessarily on the day.

The Black Sheep Wedding Company, based in London, England provides wedding day management or a full wedding planning service and can take care of your wedding in your own individual style, whatever the weather!  For more information please contact us or call us on 07747 626372